This is your course website for Nursing 420 Care of the Complex Client. This should be the first place you access for course questions, materials, and assignments.  Be sure to subscribe to this website from the home page to receive email announcements or posts throughout the semester. Grades and sensitive information will be maintained in myCI following FERPA guidelines. There may also be times to access library resources, eReserves, or copyright materials you may need to be logged into myCI or access the course through myCI. There will be specific instruction directing you to myCI in those circumstances.

This semester your “textbook” is a collection of materials including videos, articles, eReserves in myCI, and websites. This has been done to save you, the student, money on textbook costs, while retaining the quality of your course information. For more information about these efforts across campus you can go to openCI.cikeys.com My hope is that you being increasingly skilled at accessing and finding open, accessible, and valid information online improving your digital literacy. These are resources and materials you may continue to access and use in your own nursing practice in the future.

During this course you will be asked to apply the knowledge you have learned over the course of the program, and have an opportunity to cultivate and create as part of your new learning. Please view this short introduction to our course below.