Week Five

February 22, 2017

What you should do:

  1. Complete the required readings as outlined below.
  2. Explore ABG Interpretation Review and practice case studies.


Required Readings

Chapter 10 Perrin (eReserves)

Higgs, Cook, McGrath (2016) ICU Airway Management

John (2004) Airway Management

Hibbert et al. (2012) ARDS and Obesity

Guerin et al (2013) Prone Positioning

Chian (2016) Engaging Critically Ill Patients in Symptom Management (Permalink – Be logged into CI Learn before accessing)

American Sentinel University, (2013), VAP Prevention.

Schallom (2015) HOB Elevation, Article in Unit 2 in CI Learn

Class Activities

  • Activity – Patient Experience: Breathing on a ventilator
  • Guest Presenter Carl Benzason, RT, West Hills Hospital 0915-1015
  • ABG Practice
  • Review series of videos and discuss “Mechanical Ventilation Explained Clearly” (5 videos total). Intro/Part 1 video here:

  • Here is an additional video explaining CPAP and BIPAP:

  • Discuss together: Critical Care Nurses’ Role in Implementing the “ABCDE Bundle” into Practice by Bales, et al. (2012)


Blog: Your choice

Option 1: Respiratory EBP search activity. Find recent, current, or new practices related to respiratory care… what’s out there?

Option 2: In clinical, what are you seeing related to sedation vacation and collaboration with Respiratory Therapists? What is ideal? What is standard practice? What medications are you seeing in the clinical setting for sedation? What tools are used to determine the infusion rate? How do nurses and respiratory therapists work together to plan care for the patient? Is it effective? Think about these concepts, and blog about your thoughts ….