Week Four

February 15, 2017

What you should do:

  1. Prepare for the exam, and participate in the online Zoom session for exam review 0900-0915
  2. Exam 1 0930-1030
  3. Complete VT Virtual Field Trip
  4. Complete Readings as we start into Unit Two (See Unit Two instructions in lower section of this page)

Exam for Unit One

First half of class will be the Exam. This exam covers all the materials assigned and covered in class for Unit 1 from Week One though Week Three. Your exam is online and will begin at 0930. I will provide a brief test review this first exam online via Zoom from 0900-0915 am. You can connect by clicking the link here, or copy/paste this url: https://csuci.zoom.us/j/8054373308

Once you start the exam you must complete it. You have 60 minutes to complete the exam. The classroom is available to you for testing, or you may test from off campus. Be sure you have adequate internet connection and computer battery. The library is another resource to use if you need access to a computer.

You can access the exam through CI Learn>>Nursing 420>>Tests and Assignments. You will immediately receive your score, but you will not be able to review the exam until after all students test. The exam will reopen for your review from 1130-1150 am within CI Learn; or you can review the exam during office hours or by appointment. This is not an open book test. Resources should be put away and you should be testing alone. You are not to click outside the online window during the testing period. Please text me at (805) 404-7308 if there are any technical issues during the exam so I can respond promptly.

Online Activity

VoiceThread Virtual Field Trip Due 2/22

VoiceThread Tutorial(s) – Review as needed

First view the tutorial for using VoiceThread, then review the tutorial for using the mobile app. Click ‘mobile’ once you have opened the link.

Next download the VoiceThread App via mobile device (computer is ok if you do not have mobile device to download VT app to – yes it is a free app!)

The video posted below provides instructions for logging in to CI Learn and VoiceThread to access/record VoiceThreads from our course webpage. VoiceThreads are also made available in CI Learn/Bb.

VoiceThread: Virtual Field Trip 

Using the above instructions to access, please contribute to our discussion this week, taking a virtual field trip! Follow the instructions and  prompts in the VoiceThread below.


Unit Two Week Four






What you should do:

  1. Complete the readings as we begin Unit Two
  2. Complete the homework by 2/22 as outlined below

Required Reading

Morton Chapter 10 Airway Management and Ventilator Support (Available in CI Learn >> eReserves or Unit Two)

Haynes et al. (2015). Managing Spaghetti Syndrome: Yes it is a real issue! This link should take you to the article within the library, however you must be logged into CI Learn first to access the article.

Online Activities

  1. Sign on and explore Saddleback College Review of Respiratory Equipment and Procedures (requires login – you can make free account if not previously done)

2.  This week you need to go to ATI and start tackling some practice tests. Have you made a schedule or a plan to practice throughout the semester? Go to ATI and complete one of the following Targeted Medical-Surgical tests: CV, Fluid Electrolyte & Acid-Base and/or Respiratory practice assessment. Check out the codes I have listed for you to access the practices tests in CI Learn/Blackboard. May I suggest you also consider retaking a practice test Nutrition or utilize the Pharmacology resources?


No homework for this week beyond the online activities. Has your EBP policy paper group decided upon a topic? Check out hypothesis.is   This is a tool you can use to share thoughts about articles and collaborate online. Be sure your topic is something you have seen in practice so you can compare the literature (evidence), to the facility policy, to practice.