Week Fourteen

April 26, 2017

What you should do:

  1. Prepare for ATI Med-Surg Comprehensive Exam
  2. Complete the required reading as outlined below
  3. Prepare to have questions for past graduates (graduating class 2016)

Required Reading


Azoulay (2015). Managing Hematology in the ICU: Time to think differently

Explore CDC Vaccines and Preventable Diseases

California Infection Control Guidelines

Handwashing Protocol




Classroom Activities

0900-1045 ATI Testing: Classrooms as follows

OJA 1952 Last names starting with A-L

BEL 1372 Last names starting with M-Z

1100-1150 Broome Library Classroom

Guests from past graduating class (Elyse Kelly, Ashley Tegley, Brooklyn Steinfeld)


  • HIT vs DIC video/discussion



  • HIV patient medication adherence video (Great basic resource)


If we have time:

For fun: I have gotten access to and uploaded a couple of health care related videos in CI Learn under “Course” you may want to watch


As we prepare for next week, spend some time thinking about end of life. Have you discussed your wishes with your family, spouse, or friends? What would you want? How do you feel? Who do you think would be the best person to help make decisions for you? What supports do you have? Who might you have to make decisions for? Do you know their wishes, beliefs, and expectations? Have you had any discussions like this with family members or friends? Could you? Questions about burial versus cremation, location, costs, and planning can be a difficult to address. Do you think this is an important conversation to have earlier rather than later? How does culture, family, and diversity play a role? What is the nursing role to help manage this in the critical care patient? Plan a time to either think about these questions, or plan an event where you have a discussion with friends or family members. Blog about your personal thoughts, experiences, and situation, or write about research you find related to end of life care management for patients and families. If you don’t want to write about your personal circumstances, be sure to think about how you might initiate those difficult conversations, but find an article or research that gives some insight about why people do or don’t have these conversations. Remember you can always password protect your blog.