Week Three

February 8, 2017

What you should do:

  1. Complete required reading as outlined below
  2. Review the VoiceThread cardiac lecture recording prior to class (Available here and through CI Learn)
  3. Consider scheduling ATI practice tests throughout the semester (list of codes is available to you in CI Learn)
  4. ATI Practice Medical-Surgical 2016 Exam due Fri, February 10th (Credit/No Credit)
  5. Prepare for Exam 1 online February 15th

Required Reading

American Heart AssociationChoose a topic from “In the News” of your choice to discuss in class

Review Warning Signs for Cardiac Arrest

Read Strategies to Improve Cardiac Arrest Survival

Explore Stages of Heart Failure, and Right versus Left Heart Failure at Heart Failure Center

Joint Commission: Core Measure Sets

In class we will review/discuss together:

Edwards Life Sciences – Check out educational resources and simulation for PNA at http://www.edwards.com/education/ecce

EKG Interpretation

Million Hearts

Related to our class activity read:

Blog: End of Life – Is there such a thing as a “soft code?”? by Mark Jaimison
Blog: I know you love me – now let me die by Louis Profeta MD

Class Activities

  • 0900-0930 am Patty Dang, Career Services (via Zoom for Goleta students)
  • Class Share: “In the News”
  • Break 0950-1000 am
  • Guest Presenter – Patient’s Experience: Michelle Pacansky-Brock 1000 -1030 am
  • Cardiovascular continued, EKG interpretation focus and discussion
  • Hemodynamic Monitoring continued: Edwards Life Sciences
  • Core Measures: MI, CHF, Central Line Care and CLABI
  • To Code or Not To Code (post discussion/debate) 1120-1150 am
    • Reading prior to class:
      •  Blog: End of Life – Is there such a thing as a “soft code?”? by Mark Jaimison
      • Blog: I know you love me – now let me die by Louis Profeta MD

Upcoming and Due Assignments

Exam 1: Wednesday Feb 15th 930 am (Online prep available via Zoom 0900-0915)

ATI Practice Medical Surgical Test – Take the test and see where you stand!

How are you progressing on your VoiceThread portion of Digital Storytelling? Have you started? Do you have questions or need tech support? Check out the tech support link. The Digital Storytelling rubric is available from the project page

Have you starting thinking about a topic for the EBP Policy Paper?


Interview friends, family members, or coworkers. Ask them to tell you what does “Cardiopulmonary Arrest” mean to them. Ask them if they know what “MI” means? Ask them what they perceive happens during “CPR”. Reflect on your findings and post your thoughts about this to your blog. Feel free to add additional questions if you would like, or educate those you interview if they have any misconceptions.